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By checking this box, you volunteer to immediately attend the vaccination centre for vaccination prior to your selected appointment date. On the day when you receive an alert (by phone or email) informing you about available vaccines, as an instant response volunteer you agree to take all steps as instructed in the message.

Dear Registrant,

As part of the process of registration for COVID-19 vaccination appointments, the AGH-UST processes personal data of its staff other than academic teachers, regular and doctoral students as well as other persons on civil law contracts for the sole purpose of performing its functions that are of operational or technical nature.
As part of the process of registration for COVID-19 vaccination appointments, AGH-UST processes personal data of persons from outside the University community based on their informed consent expressed at the time of submitting their request for vaccination.
The personal data controller with regard to data obtained from you at the COVID-19 vaccination centre will be Scanmed SA – the operator of the vaccination programme, while the recipients of your personal data collected in connection with the vaccination procedure will be the Minister of Health, the National Health Fund (NFZ) and e-Zdrowie.

The System enables you to register for a vaccination appointment
at the AGH-UST vaccination centre ul. Reymonta 15 (The Krakus Building)

Please read this important information,

You can only register for a vaccination appointment if you work or study at the AGH-UST or if you have been duly authorised by the AGH-UST do so. Once you have selected your appointment date, we request that you download and complete the pre-vaccination questionnaire that will be reviewed by the medical personnel delivering the vaccine with regard to possible medical contraindications; we also kindly ask you to sign the data subject consent form for Scanmed S.A.
Frequently asked questions
IMPORTANT NOTICE! - If you have successfully booked an appointment, the website will clearly display a relevant notification. You will also receive a confirmation email and/or text message. The system will not allow you to book multiple appointments for the same person. Enter your mobile phone numbers without the country code, spaces or dashes/hyphens (-)
  Required documents you will need to complete and submit at the vaccination centre:

Questionnaire to download (PL/EN)
Declaration of consent to the processing of personal data

Pfizer Vaccine Information Sheet
If you have any questions regarding registration please send your enquiry to